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A Psychic/Medium Visits Villa Migelita

When the Medium arrived at Villa Migelita we went to the stables and into a small private room that is part of this building which is separate from my main house. She wanted complete silence and privacy. She had me sit in a chair across from her. I will not show how she does her readings as that is knowledge she has from generations before her. She prays before every name presented and acknowledges her gift is from God. She is very religious. She speaks very quietly when she talks, it was hard to hear her at times. She is a bit of everything; psychic, healer, and medium. My experience was well worth the time and was absolutely fascinating to me; she told me things she had no way of knowing. She was spot on with much of what she said to me. It is important for everyone who reads this to know that she did not enter my main house until after the session, she had no views of any photo’s in my house. She did not know my name until I told it to her. She speaks Spanish only and would not have access to any history of me through my social media nor had she seen my Facebook pages. Everything I write is as she told it to me.

Photos of sunset flowers and scences 115

She started by telling me things about my health. She mentioned I had pain in my legs, that this pain awoke me at night. I do get cramps at night in my feet and calves that make me jump out of bed. She mentioned my head, asking what caused me the discomfort I experience? This of course is vertigo, which I have struggled with for almost one year. She mentioned I had some back problems from an accident long ago, but felt I was doing better with that pain. All true so far. She said she saw money around me, money people are trying to hide from me, which made me think of my daughter’s death and the guy who killed her. She saw a dark-skinned person in my life, saying he was the color of her skin. She saw protective spirits always near me, they watched over me. She said signs surrounded me that came to me as messengers. She wanted to know who the beautiful child with coffee-colored skin was? She said she was lovely and that she felt her presence in my aura. I did not answer her questions as I had more people to ask about, and did not want to give her any information. She saw success around me, she mentioned that many people would be visiting her beautiful country because of me. She said there was someone from my past that wished harm to me and my new life, but not to worry as he was not a person of God and bad karma would come to him from many things he has done. She said this person had recently cheated me with money that involved my former home in the United States. This really shocked me because I had just found this out. She saw a deep sadness, but also strength inside my heart. She said I moved to her country for peace, and that I would find it here in Colombia. She described me as a flower opening to the fullness of life. She finished with me by saying she saw a person that looked like me but was younger who was strongly present during her reading of me. She said she sends you messages through hummingbirds and butterflies, and just then a hummingbird flew inside the dark little room and stayed for a moment. I had chills.


I gave her my daughter’s name next. She had to repeat her name a few times to pronounce it correctly. Then she was quiet for a few minutes and said “She is not of this world, I sense cold.” She then repeated there is a dark-skinned person in her aura, the same color of my skin, he is the father of the child I saw before. She said “This is your daughter? She looks like you. She died from betrayal. She had bad people around her when she died.” She emphasized that “Misha wanted me to continue trying to get justice for her death.” She then described in great detail the night of the murder. She said there was involvement by the person whom she was trying to help, meaning the woman in the car that she saw get hit by a car that left the scene. You can read the article here. She said that the man who killed her could have swerved, but deliberately hit Misha with his car. She said Misha was told to stop by someone as she hurried to help the person in the car she saw get hit. She again repeated that Misha’s death was a deliberate act, she also was emphatic that another person was involved on the night of her death. Once again she said there was a lot of money around my daughter’s death that people were trying to hide from me. She said “This money is the reason that justice has not been served.” She wanted me to know Misha came to me the night of her death, that she woke me up as she left this Earth to go to the spiritual plane. She saw a lot of love around Misha but also a lot of regrets. She mentioned Misha wanted my grandchild with me more, and that she saw that happening in the future. She said Misha is with her daughter all the time, she even talked about a time when I was on the beach with Amaya. She mentioned I was with an old friend and that friend also knew my daughter when she was young. She said “Misha talked to Amaya that day, she told Amaya she was her guardian angel.” I had a very dear friend contact me the next day that she dreamt of Misha on the beach with Amaya and the dream was so real she had to tell me! She finished by saying Misha knew the man who killed her, that Misha had repeatedly tried to get this man to leave her alone. She did not say how they knew one another, but that Misha told him she was not interested in him. He was stalking Misha. She described the killer’s looks exactly, short, fat, with a name that sounded foreign. She ended the session about Misha by saying that as I always did in life Misha was counting on me to defend her in her death. She wants to see justice so she can rest in peace. The last thing she said floored me “Misha says a man who looks like you with blue eyes and white skin is going to help you get justice.” The only person she could be talking about is my best friend, a lawyer who has helped me from the beginning of this travesty, he will be attending the trial with me when it takes place. He has done so much to help me since her death I can never thank him enough.

Then we went on to my ex-husband’s name. She said “This man is very depressed. He has become mean and spiteful, his wife just left him.” “This is the same man I saw that cheated you with the house” She went on to say that he was “spreading horrible chisme (malicious gossip in Spanish) about his current wife, which he had done with me also, and that karma would take care of his treachery.” She said my ex was responsible for saying “lies about me and making my friends from my former job unkind to me because they believed the lies.” She asked ” Was I involved in work at some point that involved airplanes?” Wow. Just unbelievable. No one knew my ex’s current wife had left him and contacted me, nor how could she know I worked on airplanes? I gave her my son’s name next. She said “Your son is very angry with the world, he has never had help with his sister’s death.” I did not tell her Misha was his sister nor I was his mother! “He just moved to a new house and is very unhappy.” How could she know these things? “He loves you but he is so angry about the time of the divorce and his sister’s death.” “He will be back in your life when he is a bit older.” How could she know these things?

We talked about a lot of people in my life, I gave her names and she responded. I included my mother and father who are both deceased, my brother, and Misha’s best friend and roommate at the time of her death. She said my father went from this world angry with his death, that he had problems in and around his lung, which she used her hand to show me on herself. All about my father was true. She got my mother mixed with my brother saying there were a lot of strokes around my brother…but actually it was my mother who had many strokes. She said my mother was with everyone she loved, including Misha and that her sister had just joined her. Again, how could she know these things? She finished by emphasizing that Misha wanted me to continue to pursue and do what I am doing to bring the killer to trial. Her killer is free on bail, showing no remorse and posts regularly on his Facebook page always with a drink in his hand, smiling, flaunting his freedom. It makes my stomach turn to see his face. My daughter Misha would be alive but for his callous disregard for human life, leaving the scene after he hit her and then stopping a few miles later to change his tire, and then remove the front bumper of his car that was hanging from the impact of her body. Misha would be getting ready for her daughter to start 1st grade. Misha would be finished with the college degree she was working on. She would be done with all the stuff our children do while trying to find themselves, Misha would be mothering her daughter and moving forward in life. Her killer lives normally, without restrictions of any kind because of family money and influence in the state of Louisiana. I have tried everything to get a trial to go forth. I have had everyone write to the Victim’s Advocate. I asked everyone to write the District Attorney’s office and to the judge Honorable Trudy M White. I have traveled to Baton Rouge to publicize the lack of justice in her murder. There is an online petition which needs only 60 signatures to get to 1000 and then I will send it to the State’s Senator. All of this in my pursuit of justice for my daughter.. The petition is here and I ask you to please sign in remembrance of Mikel (Misha) Carson. There is a trial scheduled for September 2nd. I pray that my daughter will see the justice she deserves from above.



I am an American who moved to Colombia to find peace after the devastating loss of my daughter. I bought and renovated a Villa, am learning Spanish, and writing as catharsis. This blog will be like a book with chapters. Each blog will be about my life in Colombia and my adventures. I hope you will enjoy the many new discoveries I am making every day about myself and another culture.

7 thoughts on “A Psychic/Medium Visits Villa Migelita

  1. Oh Michele. This must have been so incredible for you and brought you much comfort. God bless you and your amazing journey Love Sheree


  2. What an amazing experience, Michele. I know that Misha is always with you or Amaya. The thing that happened at the beach is reconfirmation of Misha’s presence/spirit. Yes, you need to, and WiLL see justice through for Misha. The part about the killer knowing her is unnerving. I wonder about the full story… Hugs and keep the faith. Much love…. ~Lynn


    1. Yes, not only the beach experience but remember the time in the Keys that I wrote about Learning to Accept the Unknown. I realize Misha will always be mine and Amaya’s most special angel


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