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The Authentic Life I Have In Colombia

I moved to Colombia to find myself, and I did. I felt stuck in circumstances that were harmful to me at the time of my decision to move. We always have choices. I had an ex-husband stalking my every move, and fallout from a bitter divorce. Then I realized I didn’t need to live the way I was living. I could find a better way. So I did. You can too. No need to allow anyone or anything to control your life choices. End of story. I am proof that another way to live is possible and just around the corner if you keep your options open.

What I thought about when I wasn’t searching for an answer to my life situation was unpleasant. I was wracked with anxiety about the future. My healthcare, my home which was being foreclosed on because of vengeful ex, my animals, my life in general. I needed to find a way to survive the madness of a time in my life that was my worst nightmare. With my decision to move to a new country came a freedom I doubt many people have. I live authentically. I don’t care what anyone thinks of me, I don’t watch posts on Facebook as they are never the real story.  I just look outside my window as the hummingbirds fly around me for validation.

So how did I come to this place in my life? I will admit when my daughter was murdered by a drunk driver in the middle of that horrific divorce, I hit rock bottom. But still I got up and got going again, because that is who I am. I am not a person who is sedentary. I am an action person to the maximum I can be. I remember walking into my Pilates class a week after my daughter was killed while my friends and classmates looked shocked to see me. I had to go on. It is a choice one must make no matter your circumstance. You can choose to be sad and depressed or live your life. I decided to live. I am not happy all the time, no one can be. We have a life to live and with that life comes reality.

A life that may appear wonderful to others, can fall apart in a second! Too many people live their lives to impress others. I have learned I don’t need to do that. I live my life for myself only. I am a free spirit. I am an eagle in flight flowing through my current life with knowledge I didn’t have previously. I am a person who is alone, but yet very connected to others. I am happy to the best of my ability. No matter how many times I have erred in my life I am way ahead of those who do nothing to change their circumstances.

Even when you make mistakes during a turbulent time you can stand strong. How you react to happenings in your life is a definition of whom you are. I have discovered that being alone is often better than being around people who mean nothing to me but a night out. I love my alone time. I study Spanish, I write, I watch nature around me, I hike, I enjoy my animals, I appreciate my home and the views I see that would never have happened if I was still in the United States. If you really want change you will find a way. You will live your authentic life. I have done it. I will never say it is perfect. It is not. There is NO such thing as perfect. It is a myth. But there is such a thing as living authentically. I have found it.





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Water is Plentiful In Colombia

I am very blessed to have a life that includes water without restrictions and is very plentiful in Colombia. Whether in a town square like the cover photo, or the rivers that surround me, there is plenty of water where I live. We don’t pay for this water, just the maintenance of it. The cost is around 2.00$ per month. It is crystal clear, and very safe. I tell my tourist guests at Villa Migelita they have no need to worry if they drink water from the tap or brush their teeth…we don’t have any problems with contamination where I live.



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Yes. There is Peace in Colombia

A breakthrough vote just happened in Colombia. A vote that is confusing to many. It needs to be re-negotiated and will go forward again to be ratified by the Colombian people. The vote was close, many people did not show up at the polls because of Hurricane Matthew which was hitting the coast of Colombia. We even had bad weather here at Villa Migelita! Everyone in Colombia wants peace, but if it comes without repercussions for those who lost loved ones in conflict, then there has to be compromise. There was no compromise in the deal presented to the Colombian people. The rebel group FARC would gain a lot, and the victims nothing. The FARC would gain position in Congress. The educated of Colombia knew this was a  wrong position for the country. I live here on a Visa, but I do not want a government with any Marxist or Communist influence!  I want democracy to be in place. I will have a residency soon and I am invested here as a land owner.

The Washington Post: “Under the terms of the agreement, FARC will be afforded nonvoting representatives in Congress through 2018, where they will be able to weigh in on matters related to the implementation of the accords. Then come the biggest toads: a minimum five seats for FARC in the 106-member Colombian Senate and five more in the 166-member lower chamber for two legislative terms through the creation of new voting districts. FARC, which has yet to reveal the name of its future political party and can’t form one until it fully disarms, will have to compete for seats on its own merits after that.”

It is a horrible thing to have a child or family member killed without repercussions.  Whether a mother like myself who lost a child by a drunk driver or an entire country who has lost over 220,000 people to death or mutilation by the rebel group FARC, I will share and post about injustice by violent crime. These people who voted YES were people who are directly affected by the crime and actions of the FARC. They don’t want anymore of their children recruited by force, they don’t want a child to lose a limb by a landmine, they want to live peacefully. A lot of these people never completed their education, nor understand repercussions of allowing a group that has been intimidating them into the government. The FARC is now a very small group, less than 7,000 members. They have been cornered and realized this was a great opportunity to become strong  again through a deal that excuses their past actions.

I moved to Colombia when it was becoming peaceful, when this beautiful country started to prosper. Many thought I was crazy. I knew I wasn’t. I had visited and looked at real estate. I had checked out the hospitals, the doctors, and the life I could have on my income. I was sold on trying this new life despite the horrible reputation that followed Colombia’s past. Colombia is number 2 in the world for healthcare, and is number 2 in the world for bio-diversity in nature. Colombia is a hidden treasure about to be unleashed to the world of tourism. Colombia is safe, and incredibly beautiful. There has been peace in Colombia for a long time now. The FARC is still here but only in certain places, and they no longer want to fight the government. They have continued to say, even after this vote, they are for peace.

I have been reading much about this deal. It will go forward. The FARC wants it to go forward. But; it needs to be fair. The FARC cannot be excused from all the years of mayhem. They need to lay down their weapons and they do NOT need to be given any place in the government. As a non-citizen without a lot of history in Colombia, I do believe it will happen. I want peace everywhere. I believe it is possible. I want peace in my home country of the United States which is filled with domestic terrorism. It is not just Colombia, it is the world that needs to re-look at all that is happening and we need to speak up. I do, and will continue in my blog.

For those wanting to visit Colombia, it is safe. It is beautiful. It is the best life I have lived in my lifetime. I pray for peace, but not for peace with a price that will come back to haunt this amazing country, and perhaps turn it into another Venezuela. I want a democratic future here, and those who voted NO understand this. The deal presented could leave the poor of Colombia with shortages of food and adequate healthcare. No one wants that. The FARC has come forward to say they want to continue the negotiations, and those who voted NO, want that too. No one wants war, the war is gone. Now it is time for compromise.