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Thank you!

In my last blog I wrote about the last-minute cancellation of the trial of my daughter’s killer in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Once again the defense was granted another continuation by the Judge Trudy White. I asked everyone to write her to make sure the next trial is set and she allows no more continuations in this matter. You can read about how the prosecution allowed this to happen and notified me after I had booked an airline ticket, reserved a car and hotel room in my last blog

.I am sure Honorable Judge Trudy White received many letters from you my followers and I am writing this blog to thank you.

I thank all my over 500 followers on Facebook, Twitter, personal emails, and Google plus. If you want to add me to your circle at Google plus I would love to see you there! I am humbled by the amount of people who are taking part in my quest for #justiceformisha. She was taken to soon in life and the reality is that the deceased has no say in our legal system in the United States, but the defendant if powerful enough with a good lawyer can keep their client from facing a trial for many years. This strategy works if continued long enough because people forget, lose interest, go on with their lives, while the family of the deceased suffers from their loss and the injustice of the legal system that allows the defendant to work the system. I am only one person of millions with this problem. However, I refuse to let this defense team win this battle. I told the Victim’s Advocate when notified of the cancellation once again “this is war now” because they apparently are not concerned enough to fight for my daughter’s right to a trial, as the defense continues their manipulations.

I have a favor to ask all of you. A dear young woman who I barely know, but wanted to help myself and Misha, started a petition. This petition is here. I would like it to go viral with so many signatures to the Senator and Representative of Louisiana that no one will dare cancel The State Vs Christian Cvitanovich again. This petition will take you 30 seconds to sign and will not bring spam or any virus to your computer. We are lucky enough to live in a time where social media can change injustice. I am using this power to get the trial for my daughter. I was able to find out the next trial is on September 2, 2014. Please help me make sure it is not continued for a fifth time.

May God Bless all of you who are helping me get justice and a trial for my beloved daughter Mikel (Misha) Carson by writing letters and signing this petition. We the people should never have to go through what I am going through. Please speak out for me and for my daughter who no longer can speak for herself and was robbed of her life too early at the young age of twenty years old.

If you have not already, you can follow along with my life at Villa Migelita and what I have done since the death of my daughter. I am living in Colombia, South America in the mountains and starting a Bed and Breakfast this summer. The hummingbirds, flowers, butterflies and mountain views help with my sadness. This blog helps me get my thoughts down on paper and is a healing process for me. I appreciate all of you who read my blog regularly, and once again I am humbled by the people who I only know through the power of the Internet that are taking this cause into their heart and using actions to affect change. Michele~