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Opposites do Attract

Nature. So many opposites are always confronting me. There are the ¬†hummingbirds who are all different species here at Villa Migelita. They are definitely opposites! Even if they are the same species. They fight and fight each other all day long…and if there is a wasp they hover around it until they can find a time that is safe to land for their precious nectar.Hummingbird battles 023

Then there is the animal and human connection. However, we co-exist so beautifully. I love this photo that I took recently. Love is in the air!Orion in the lake and hummingbird in the house 013

Then there is my bird Luci who is a total and completely fearless little being. She has clipped wings but that doesn’t keep her from being mobile. She is always terrorizing my dogs…sometimes she stands where they leave to go out to the yard and bites their feet when they pass…they run from her. It is really funny. I wake up every morning and smile when I see big Orion run away from her.Luci and Orion 001

How about age? Here is a photo of me dancing with a man that is part of my family who is now 104 years old…amazing really. He still dances and enjoys life with zest…I could be his granddaughter!Hike and family 033