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The Park of the Poets

Cali central 032
The Park of the Poets: Cali, Colombia

The area of Central Cali, Colombia is fast becoming a major tourism area due to all the walking areas that have made this iconic downtown sphere of parks, churches and local activity easier to explore. Just wandering the streets you will find the Park of the Poets. A quaint quiet spot in the center of bustling activity. The architecture of old buildings that have little change from the way they looked when first built are fascinating. The sculptures of conquistadors that founded and hold great historical value in Colombia are in every square. Just wandering the streets you will enjoy the flurry of activity. El Cristo Rey and the famous Three Crosses look down on the city of Cali from the surrounding mountains.

Here I am sitting with the Poets, along with my partner and friend. We stopped for a break and it looks like we are enjoying their company.

Cali central 036
The Park of the Poets: Cali, Colombia
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Bright and Cheery Days Wandering Cali, Colombia…

I can see many alphabet letters in this painting of a brightly colored lizard. It is almost like that book Where’s Waldo. You have to look carefully to see them, but they are there. I see many O’s (but one is quite distinct), a G, lot’s of V’s and a C in the same place the G is. Can you see them too? Looking at art painted as murals in the San Antonio district of Cali,Colombia is one of my favorite tourist adventures.  Day 3 Cali La Chorrea 047

Then there is this crazy, scary clown trash receptacle. I see them all over Colombia and I can’t imagine a child wanting to deposit trash in it’s mouth! However, I like the look of the waste container next to the sign that points to the bathrooms -> baños! Something is so interesting in this photo with the play equipment in the background. To me, it is the horror of the clown alongside the playground. Can you tell I don’t like clowns? Especially the way it says Para la Basura (for the trash) with the huge hole in the center!

Cali with Martha 022

Finally, I love this photo of my feet on my astrology sign written in Spanish. It makes me smile. Just wandering around taking photos, you never know how delightful they will be until you look at them.

Janet day 4 024