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Please tell me what intriques you about my move ?


I am an American who moved to Colombia to find peace after the devastating loss of my daughter. I bought and renovated a Villa, am learning Spanish, and writing as catharsis. This blog will be like a book with chapters. Each blog will be about my life in Colombia and my adventures. I hope you will enjoy the many new discoveries I am making every day about myself and another culture.

4 thoughts on “Please tell me what intriques you about my move ?

  1. You have certainly gone through your trials and tribulations, dear.Through strength and have been Blessed With a beautiful “next chapter”.Thank you for sharing this God Given beauty..throught your eyes and heart! lul Ilona


  2. Thank you for sharing so many beautiful written words of love and loss. Your energy and confidence came from a deep rooted faith that must be the one where the Lord is carrying us in the footprints message. I have experienced similar situations however, my trials continue and a light of hope that is based on truth of where God is taking me. Hopefully, I will be able to travel and find a spot at your bed and breakfast as I would love to witness your faith in action. However, it must be the free spirit or adventure that made us flight attendants. Yes, I fly and ready to clip my wings as I venture off into an unknown destination. May God continue to bless you and my prayers for continued healing.


    1. Thank you for such a lovely message. I have faith that my journey is meant to strengthen me and to help others through the written words of my tribulations. I look forward to your visit, as all flight attendants share a common bond of adventure. We have the ability to experience different cultures due to our work. I fell this is my forever home, with the beauty of nature and animals to help me heal.


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