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The Tree Outside My Window

How to describe this tree? It is old , barely alive and yet it brings so much joy to my life.The tree and animal photos 012 I watch my tree as I lay in bed while the dawn arises. I watch in the afternoon when I meditate, or as the sun goes down and I get ready for bed. I see so many birds, they always stop on their journeys and rest a while in my tree. They play and they fight, they search for insects, and they always sing their songs of happiness. This tree has come to mean a lot to me. The day I found out the murderer of my daughter would face no punishment I went to my room to just stare at my tree. I needed peace. I needed to be taken away from the anger seething inside me. I needed my tree. Now I am looking at my tree as I write, trying to make sense of why this judge ignored all of your letters. She is supposed to consider them, but she gave the least possible sentence she could to this murderer instead. I am still trying to process this lack of justice, so I go to my tree. I watch my birds land and take off, wishing I could soar with them for a while.

I had many people try to talk me into taking this tree down when I repaired my lake. I understood: this is an old avocado tree, never to produce again, and barely alive. It still has roots that interfere with the wall that surrounds the lake, but I had to say “NO way!” It is the tree of life at Villa Migelita. It is the resting place for all the birds that pass by. This tree is my sanctuary and my place of peace as well as theirs. How could I ever take it down? There are many trees so close by, beautiful pines, banana trees, heliconia, a beautiful lake with flowering plants right there; but they go to this half dead tree, the birds of Villa Migelita. There are so many species of birds who share my tree, hummingbirds,738408_575209955878408_954705281_o finches, doves, woodpeckers, tanagers, parrots, blue-black grosbeaks, red birds, blue birds, highland motmots, colorful little birds that I will never know their names, they all stop and rest, they sing or they work like this pileated woodpecker . This is my tree of life, it is the first thing I look at in the morning and the last thing I look at as the day darkens into night. 217958_421454851253920_219790519_n

It is more than the birds, it is the butterflies too. They are always swirling and dancing nearby. This tree reminds me of a paintingThe tree and animal photos 015 I bought many years ago from a Colombian artist. I bought this painting when my daughter Misha was a little girl. When I first saw Villa Migelita, I thought this tree is so like the one in my painting. Look at this picture I took the day I first visited my soon to be home, it has an orb of light in it, right next to my tree.

First photo I took of Villa Migelita, you can see the light that is an orb in this picture
First photo I took of Villa Migelita, you can see the light that is an orb in this picture
I think my tree is a welcome part of this Universe, and my place to go to when I think I cannot make it through another day. I always remember that orb when I look at my tree, and I will always think it is Misha welcoming me to my future home. My tree is leaning very far to the left and every morning when I open my curtains I sometimes think it lists a bit further. I pray that it does not fall as I will lose part of myself when it is gone. Just like I lost part of myself when my daughter was murdered.

My tree is there for me always, it will not leave me unless the Universe takes it away, just like the Universe allowed this judge to give a murderer the most minimum sentence she could. Here is an email address to register a complaint about Judge Trudy White. I know she received thousands of letters which she ignored! Hopefully the Supreme Court of Louisiana will look at your letters. I ask you to just do this one thing. Let us remove Judge Trudy White from the bench because she allows criminals to walk free while the dead lay buried without justice: Share your thoughts on her record which this is just a small part of her rulings:
> Includes:
> “Lets make sure we are up to date on Judge Trudy White’s scorecard:
> 1. Kelsye Hall – 5 counts of negligent homicide – Sentenced to 2 years! (thats
about 5 months per homicide) by Judge Trudy White
> 2. Dalvin Sewell (Lengthy violent criminal history including arrest for 2nd
degree murder) – Convicted of 1st Degree Robbery which carries up to 40 years –
Sentenced to the minimum 3 years by Judge Trudy White.
> 3. Princess Beachem – Did cocaine while carrying a child, who died as a result
– Arrested for Feticide – Charge dropped by Judge Trudy White.
> and lets not forget:
> 4. Aramis Jackson – Arrested in 2009 for a weapons charge – Charge dropped by
Judge Trudy White. White told Jackson to perform acts of kindness. His first act
of kindness was killing Alexandra Engler and shooting her 9 year old daughter
several times before stealing their TV.”
> Judge White sentencing error: “illegally lenient sentence”
You can say you sent a letter in your complaint. She allows Christian Cvitanvich to walk out of the court with a prior DUI and thousands of letters written to her on my daughter’s behalf, and look at the links I posted!. A video that was very powerful which you can see here from me because I was so sick with shingles and could not travel. I have had new outbreaks of the shingles, nothing major, but imagine if I had traveled 15 hours to hear she let him go free, I do not want to think of my reaction and my bodies reaction! Now the next thing I ask is to copy and paste these links above to the media. Whomever you watch, send them an email. Tell them of this judge and of Louisiana, the 2nd most corrupt state in the United States. Maybe all of us together can still make a difference. I am not ready to let go yet, and I hope you are not ready to let it go. We can change things if we try. I am doing this for Misha’s daughter Amaya, I want her to always remember how much her mother was loved, and how much I want justice. It is not revenge, I want to make this clear, it is #JUSTICEFORMISHA. I would also like to see the other victims that this judge had no regard for get some much needed peace. Please help me try to remove her from the bench.

When you write the email they will send you a form to fill out. I needed to supply information for that form which I am updating for my followers. This is the Judicial Commission of Louisiana where you make complaints about a sitting judge. The case number is 03-10-0215 The case title is: The State of Louisiana vs Christian Cvitinovich. The Judge who we are making a complaint about is Judge Trudy White of The East Baton Rouge Parish. Your status: citizen. Explanation of complaint. You need only write in that you have seen the lenient sentences she gives TO GUILTY PARTIES (THE ABOVE LINKS CAN GIVE YOU ENOUGH INFORMATION TO WRITE DOWN YOUR THOUGHTS) AND THAT YOU FEEL SHE IS UN-QUALIFIED TO BE SERVING THE PEOPLE SHE REPRESENTS. My daughter is Mikel Cara Carson (google her name and you will see articles on the death) and Christian Cvitanovich killed her and admitted to it and pled to felony hit and run with serious injury or death. He had a prior DUI which if you look at the statute it says a minimum of 5 years in jail to a maximum of 20 years. He was given this sentence: 10 years suspended, 5 yrs Active Supervised Probation with 75 hrs Community Service each of those 5 years. I am sure you will agree that like the above links this is ridiculous and he literally ‘got away with murder’, as did others listed in the above links that Judge Trudy White has sentenced. Write this down on the form you get in the mail. Thank you in advance for your time in helping me. You can also call the Judicial Commission at 504 568 8299504 568 8299 and they can send you the form of complaint.

Please come and visit my page Villa Migelita on Facebook. I share a lot of my birds, animals and love of nature which has helped me in my quest for peace.



I am an American who moved to Colombia to find peace after the devastating loss of my daughter. I bought and renovated a Villa, am learning Spanish, and writing as catharsis. This blog will be like a book with chapters. Each blog will be about my life in Colombia and my adventures. I hope you will enjoy the many new discoveries I am making every day about myself and another culture.

5 thoughts on “The Tree Outside My Window

  1. Michele Huffman Carson, I love you so much! I sent my letter last week to the link above. I certainly hope it helps. Let me know if there is anything else I can do!!!


  2. Michele, This is a beautiful tribute to Misha’s memory. I will absolutely contact the appropriate people in an effort to help remove this Judge from her position. Her record is appallingly & I am shocked she is still allowed to preside over any courtroom!

    Much love & healing to you as you sit with the peace of your tree, and the hope of justiceformisha once & forever!


    1. Thank You Linda…we need to remove her from the bench. I can no longer get the killer who murdered my daughter in jail because of her, but we can certainly try to remove her so she does not do this to anyone else


  3. Justice has been delayed, and Justice has been denied. Judge Trudy White MUST do the only honorable thing for a Judge, and that is to immediately retire from the bench, else be removed by others.


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