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An Ode to Orion

10459092_689725637760172_5238165932732310864_oDear Orion,

You make my heart smile. From the first moment I saw you, I knew you were special. You were desperate for a home, you had too many owners in your short life. You were thin, your ribs showed. You were very big, intimidating by your size, but your eyes were so sad. I fell in love with those eyes, you looked scared and you were hungry. Previous owners had no idea what your breed was, they thought they were getting a Pitbull. You grew so large and they couldn’t accommodate your needs. You needed to be able to run and play. You required food twice a day, real dog food not leftovers from the kitchen. You wanted a home and I was ready and willing to take you when a neighbor came and knocked on my door. She only had you for two days, she was the fourth house you had lived at. I will never forget how scared you looked that first day you entered my life. Your eyes were desperate. No wonder you were sad , you felt unloved, unworthy, no one wanted you. They lost out. You are the most magnificent animal: one who protects and serves for life. You are also a wild child full of playful energy. Your breed is a Dogo Argentino. I often wish I could have seen you as a little puppy. You are so intelligent. I have read that dogs know and understand as many words as a six-year-old. You know so much more than words, you know the language of life. Now I have to see you laying still with a wire in your leg, sitting in the grass while your pack plays around you.Hike and Orion injury 015

You play too hard, run too hard, and show off for your pack. I worry incessantly about you since you had already had a break before. That break was in your front paw, a very strange place. I saw you trip that day running down the stairs…your body is heavy on your legs when you fall. Oh, what a process that was. You would not stay still, you had a screw in the very tip of your pad. It was over six months of constant supervision and you not doing what should be done; which is rest. You ran, you played and nothing could keep you down, not even the cast that was constantly improved. You finally healed and I remember thinking “please never again!” However, here we are again, because you can’t stop when your pack calls you to play. I close the gates to the lake, but someone always opens them up and leaves them open. You love the water. I have no idea how you did this horrific injury but I am sure it was in the lake. When you enter the lake with supervision you are fine, but when you can just do what you want this is what happens. Never again will you be able to run free into the lake showing off, I will make sure of that. You cannot endure another injury. I cannot endure another injury on you.

My daughter’s birth year on a butterfly native to Colombia

The day of your surgery I awoke and went to you. I sat next to you just loving on you. I was very distressed to think you would be going under anesthesia just like humans do. I  stayed with you and prayed for a good outcome. The surgeon is very famous in Cali, Colombia for his skills. He had just recently put a dogs leg back together who had been shot and the bone shattered. He used a metal rod to connect the bone. When I heard of his success stories I knew you would be fine, but still I could not get over the feeling of trepidation inside my stomach. I did not get much done the day of your surgery. I was watching a movie, waiting for word on when you would be put under and there was the most amazing sign that came in the form of the #89 butterfly. This butterfly is native to Colombia and has the birth year of my daughter on its wings. It came to the windows surrounding the Villa Migelita Suite, and stayed for five minutes. I knew then that you would be fine. You were a gift from Misha. I know she was sending me a sign to calm me down. I was able to relax after the visit from this gorgeous butterfly.

So here we go again: another break, another healing process. I have asked so many to pray and send healing energy to you these last few days. It is all I can do besides making you comfortable. Please my Orion, no more. Stay still, heal and let us all love your magnificent self.hike and poco 004




I am an American who moved to Colombia to find peace after the devastating loss of my daughter. I bought and renovated a Villa, am learning Spanish, and writing as catharsis. This blog will be like a book with chapters. Each blog will be about my life in Colombia and my adventures. I hope you will enjoy the many new discoveries I am making every day about myself and another culture.

33 thoughts on “An Ode to Orion

      1. I know Orion loves to run and show off….but perhaps when he goes for long hikes maybe he should have a long rope tied to him. This way you can pull back to let him know hes doing too much! Im sure running around in the yard would be fine after he heals. No more breaks, being an animal lover I worried about him also, even as far away as USA PA, my heart was sad.


  1. Beautiful!! He is a lucky baby to have you to love. I hope he heals quickly and well. I know you will keep everyone updated. Thank you for all your beautiful posts-they brighten every day for me!


  2. He is such a regal, handsome fellow. I,too, have a rescue dog whom we love so very much. I am so thankful Orion is through his surgery and on the road to recovery. I am so glad he has you.


  3. This was so Beautiful Michele and made me cry..I’m so very happy that Orion is still with you and you show so much love to him honey….I’m still praying for you both my wonderful friend..I love you lady..wishing you a most wonderful day and time with your Orion…..


  4. Your words are of Fear, Hope and Love. All three are what Orion has carried around inside himself for years. Fear of rejection. Hope that one day he will be accepted. Love that he has inside himself to set free. You have full filled all his needs. He has not been rejected, accepted for who he is and Love that he can show and is given back. Orion and you are one in the same soul. You both are so lucky ..


  5. lord Jesus I ask you for a fast healing for this beautiful pup. he’s been through so much. make it his time and bless him quickly so he can go for a walk along that beautiful creek he loves so much. give comfort to his mom that loves him so much. she is one of your angels that loves on your animals that need love. bless the land they run on and make it a safe place always. we give you all the glory and praise for allowing her to open her home and supplying their needs. thank you Jesus.

    granny usa


  6. Love on Orion for me, praying for a quick recovery. Orion is fortunate to have you,love to the whole family


  7. I love what you wrote about him you made me cry. I love that he finally found a permanent home with you.


  8. I have just finished reading the Ode to Orion. What a beautiful piece. Thank you for sharing with all of us who look forward to your writings. Many thanks again


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