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New World Order: A Time for Change


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Years ago, when I was a young flight attendant for Delta Air Lines travel by plane was quite different than what became the future of the airline industry. We had to work in cigarette smoke! I remember the first 11 years of my flying career as a time when I hoped I would get lucky enough to work in the front sections of the tourist class, or in first class where the smoke wasn’t drowning my lungs and nasal passages in toxic fumes. I had always wanted to be a flight attendant, but the smoking part I did not like. Our uniforms smelled like smoke, we always felt dirty because we were serving hundreds of passengers who blew smoke right into our faces as flight attendants. Eventually, the regulations brought forth through a lot of hard work gave us smoke-free cabins. No longer did we have smoking and non-smoking sections. Second-hand smoke was real and did cause damage to anyone who inhaled it. This was proven through science and many studies. The tobacco industry was powerful but we eventually won the right to work in a clean and safe environment. Those constant lung infections I had miraculously disappeared along with the stench of cigarette smoke that would follow me to my hotel room when I would hang up my uniform. 

Back in the late ’70s and early 80’s we didn’t have to go through security as we do to this day. Airport security was lax as flight crews we would show our company ID and pass by. Then many hijackings and other incidents happened, as an example, the historic day of 9/11 then everyone had to go through security. We all had to start taking our shoes off after the thwarted attempt of a would-be hijacker, and now we go through body scan machines. All of these regulations are to protect us from the people who want to harm us and cause death and destruction.

Those of us who are older remember not wearing seatbelts while driving or having car seats for infants, people could drive drunk, smoke anywhere they wanted and the list goes on. Rules were put into place for safety. We now bring our own shopping bags to the grocery store to help preserve our planet. Many have solar energy in their homes and use much less electricity, there are electric cars now. The New World Order is a progression brought forth by technology and science. Imagine a world without antibiotics, or without the wonderful doctors who have found cures for diseases that once were incurable, or those doctors that devote their lives for the vaccines that have eliminated many diseases that once were part of the human race. As an older woman, I have seen a lot in my lifetime, but I have never seen a Pandemic, nor did I think I would.

I like to think of myself as intelligent. I enjoy reading I am a great believer in science and technology. I remember when we did not have cell phones! I would get my messages on an answering machine, I would listen to music on tapes, and I even remember the 8-track tapes. When email first came out on our home computer’s life changed. We stopped using the postal mail to send out invitations in the last decade. MySpace came along, then Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, blogging, you name it we can find it now. All of this is progress. Social media connections have taken dark turns in the past years. I was thinking of leaving Facebook I reconsidered because I have too many friendships that I cherish. However, I have unfollowed many who spread conspiracy theories and lies. I try to make my social media postings friendly, informative, and to bring the beauty of nature to those that might not know about living in another country immersed in natural surroundings. My daily life is one surprise after another which you can see in this video I took yesterday of a resting hummingbird. 

Surprise can be a good thing, it can be a bad thing. I think all of us were surprised by the Coronavirus Pandemic. The cover photo of me as a twenty year old looking surprised is a memory of a lovely time in my life. Young people have so much to navigate. My time was a simpler time. There was no social media, nor competition with online social media. Raise your hand if you think what is happening is like a movie on Netflix that you never thought could happen? I am still processing what has happened to my business. I can’t imagine how you feel like a young family, a twenty-something who wants to explore and travel, a young person looking for love, a person employed in the airline industry, or if you have lost your business in the blink of an eye. What about having to homeschool your children now? I couldn’t do it when I was raising mine. Progress continues even in schooling. Everything changes, even in teaching methods from generation to generation. My business is on “hold” as all is up in the air for every person in the world. We are all so confused as the days of the week become intertwined while we become more despondent. Colombia’s Coronavirus cases continue to go up. We have borders with Brazil, Peru, and Venezuela, Panama, and Ecuador. The Amazon department Leticia near Brazil is overwhelmed.

So we need to be patient. I have found patience while living in Colombia. I don’t see that happening in the United States. I see terrible behavior by others. Please go back and read my above paragraphs about the progression of history in the world throughout different decades in this condensed blog form. Stop being selfish. Put on a mask and social distance. Young people, I get how you have no life at all right now. You are becoming infected also. As a real party animal from the 80’s I understand your frustration. My lungs have scars from working in the smoke during my first eleven years as a flight attendant. I am at risk if I contract the Coronavirus. You are too. I see the statistics that are showing younger people contracting this disease. Put on the damn masks and social distance. I would have done whatever it took to save other’s lives and my health. Stop spreading lies on social media. Some people believe them. Be a warrior for your children and future generations. Stop political rhetoric that has nothing to do with this virus. You cannot outrun a virus. It will kill you or someone in your family.


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I am an American who moved to Colombia to find peace after the devastating loss of my daughter. I bought and renovated a Villa, am learning Spanish, and writing as catharsis. This blog will be like a book with chapters. Each blog will be about my life in Colombia and my adventures. I hope you will enjoy the many new discoveries I am making every day about myself and another culture.

8 thoughts on “New World Order: A Time for Change

    1. Thank you Carole, I just cannot believe that people are not wearing masks. I compare it to when we as citizens used to have to breathe toxic fumes of other peoples smoking, yet so much worse. You be careful in Brazil, I do believe our cases have gone up in Colombia because of Brazil which is as bad as the USA right now in the cases of coronavirus. xo


  1. A great article Michele. I can imagine how lovely it is in your beautiful space, all year round.
    I look forward to your next post.
    Cheers, be safe…..

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  2. Throughout my years I never considered myself a person who held prejudicial predispositions. Two incidences in my life proved me wrong. The first time happened when I walked into my civil procedure class of my first year of law school at University of San Diego. I met Professor Roy Brooks. Professor Brooks was black. My life was a little unsettled and I was a little unsure of myself at that time. In my mind I questioned his ability and all but judged him based on his color. Was I way off base! I’ve had some great teachers in my time, but he turned out to be incredible. I asked him one time “what makes a good lawyer?”. He told me a good lawyer is, “someone who thinks of everything!”. He told me that if you could boil down the law to one word it would be “culture”. Culture. Professor Brooks taught you how to think and work through a problem. Not all teachers have that gift. (Professor Brooks by the way is a world renowned scholar who has written treatises on race relations and the law. My second time was when I was practicing law in Newport.
    I walked out of the courtroom after a hearing and played back in my head how I spoke to an elderly lady judge. How other lawyers that day spoke to her! Some I thought were outright rude. I wasn’t rude, but I took liberties that I would never had taken with a male judge. I subconsciously did not give her the respect she deserved. Culture. The U.S. has made progress, but has a long way to go. The sense of entitlement and lack of respect for others by some is troubling. Perhaps those who are well-to-do have been spoiled by too much comfort, while the have-nots have been driven by anger. Steve Schmidt’s theory is that about one-third of this country has always been off-the-wall and fanatics. He feels that they only recently have been able to connect with one another and organize complements of technology, i.e. social media. Some people have a tendency to believe what’s in their heart. They hear what they want to hear. I’m hoping that the baseless hatred and fear and lack of respect for one another’s well being is just a bump before a smoother road in this country’s culture journey.

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    1. Unfortunately, the sense of entitlement I am seeing by others not wearing masks is killing others. The elderly, the people with pre-existing conditions, anywhere people are in enclosed spaces, such as nursing homes it is a silent killer. I am so terribly upset that the leadership at the top has allowed this to happen. I see nothing but chaos ahead if the USA does not get change in November. I will be voting as I always do by absentee. Vote him out.


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