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Corners are Intersections of the Soul

Pacific coast festival 017
Two people converge

This photo says be you, be happy, enjoy any moment in time when you feel happy, Chat, share secrets, laugh, whisper, live in the now. Celebrate life, celebrate being unique. Celebrate you. Celebrate friendship, develop culture and travel experiences. Don’t allow the negativity of the world to undermine your happiness, nor allow any person to change the way you feel, act or think. This photo conveys to me a shared moment in time. An innocent moment that we all can achieve, if only we stopped comparing ourselves to others. We can never live perfectly, but we can try to live peacefully. This photo captures that.




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Spirits Do You Believe?

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I took this photo the very first day I saw Villa Migelita. She was old, and tired, but so full of potential. I felt excitement just walking on the grounds of such an old Villa. When I looked at the photos from that day, this photo was very striking. What do you see? I see an orb, very clearly, it was a sign from my deceased daughter. I truly believe that she guided me to my place and watches over me as I complete my journey on this Earth. villa-migelita-072 She is my light, she lives within me. She is always with me. No matter what you believe. This is an example of what is written about over and over by people who have lost loved ones too soon. This is the soul of Misha, my daughter.