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Postura who Found her Human

Blog Postura 3
Postura is comfortable with her human or in a tree

Postura showed up at his house and she never left. He let her be. He thought it was a fluke, a wonderful visitor who just came for the mango, and other fruit trees on his farm. She was friendly and started to live in his trees. He never bothered her, but she came to him often. Eventually, Postura made her home at his farm in Colombia. She lives free, she lives without constraint. She decided he would be her human.

She travels around the pueblo of La Buitrera de Palmira, Valle del Cauca, Colombia and is often seen perching in the trees of the park. She goes to other farms, and they tell her human they have seen her. She never lets anyone touch her but her human. She adores him so much it can only be described as unconditional love. She laughs, she talks, she says Spanish phrases. She now recognizes me when I visit. She shows off like a trained bird, yet she isn’t. She is so intelligent and without any conditions she stays on her human’s farm.

Where did this special parrot come from? She must have known humans during her lifetime.

I know animals have a spirit sense. I have many special visits from hummingbirds that I believe come from the other world none of us know for sure exists. I am certain when I get visits from hummingbirds they are a sign from the Universe and the souls I have lost in my life. They might not be there for me to pick up the phone and talk to, but they are still with me. I believe Postura is that for her human.

I have a dog who would not accept a person who came into my life to help me with my business. It is unfortunate how she could not, would not accept this person. He left recently. It was amazing the transformation in my dog! She is so happy and carefree again. I have to take the quiet and often non verbal signals of animals seriously. She was telling me something and I needed to listen. Because you know what, she was right!

All of you who follow my blog know my Orion the Dogo Argentino. He is not feeling well today. He has been bitten by a fly and has skin problems from this. Actually, he has worms under his skin in  two places. UGH and gross right? But remember I am in Colombia and he is a dog on a farm. I didn’t know about the other place on his foot. He came to me this morning and was panicked. I followed him because I thought he needed to go outside to use the bathroom, but no, he went to my truck and wanted to get in. He never goes in the truck unless to the vet. He told me in his own way “I need help!” I have the veterinarian coming this afternoon. He will take care of this and I talked to Orion and told him the same, he is sleeping peacefully now.

When we have animals and are animal lovers we understand those signs. I highlighted that video above because you should watch it. It shows the same species of hummingbird that has visited me before, and it is going to all my special old family photos and special mementos. I know we have another side besides the world we live in. We have to accept this as humans. We need to realize that the animal kingdom sees much more than we as humans do.

Follow my blog because Postura the beautiful Severe Macaw (or Chestnut Fronted Macaw) has eggs she is sitting on right now. Maybe she has a mate, maybe not. Stay tuned.

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Visa, Bogotá, and Signs from Above

Getting a Visa is not hard in Colombia, but recently I went through some major stress trying to get my residency here in Colombia. All Visa requests now need to be done online, this is where the stress came in. I had to enlist my friends for help. A form that says takes only 15 minutes to complete took over two hours by an expert. I ended up getting several messages back from the Cancilleria in Bogotá requesting more information, different file forms which can only be a certain number of megabytes, you name it they asked for it! I ended up coming in 4 days short for the Residence Visa, but my Pension Visa was approved quickly in about two hours. That was a major relief as it took so much time for the residence application, I was down to 5 days before my current Visa expired.

Once the Visa was approved I needed to fly to Bogotá and pay the 211$ fee while getting the stamp on my passport. I was so relieved to get this process over with that I was really excited to take a short trip, visit tourist spots in Bogotá and have some fun. It was last-minute as I thought I was going to have to get an extension on my Visa. So I called my friend Monica hoping that she could come with me even though I only gave her two days notice.  She teaches English here in Palmira, Valle del Cauca. She is my friend and my teacher of Spanish also. I can converse one on one with most anyone now; but when it gets complicated I need a translator. Not only is she the best at that, but she is also so much fun, I felt like I was on a layover again!

We took off at 11 am and landed quickly at the BOG airport, a short hop from Cali, Colombia. I had made reservations in a quaint hotel near the consulate and areas of interest I wanted to see. We had a short 24 hours to have fun, and arrived early despite the traffic of Bogotá, our room wasn’t ready yet. We were not concerned and just checked our luggage in, and took off to explore. The first place we went to was Usaquen, a barrio in Bogota that is so delightful and full of treasures to explore and to buy.

Usaquen, Bogota, Colombia I bought amazing Colombian hand-made jewelry that I give as gifts to all my guests at Villa Migelita. I also bought for myself!
I bought this gorgeous necklace for myself, a work of art!

We were beginning a fun adventure in Bogota, and I cannot stress enough how pleasant it was. I was with my friend, enjoying myself and getting rid of the stress of over a month of trying for my residency. I want to emphasize to those who are considering Colombia for retirement, they will welcome you, but it is all about rules. If you don’t comply they don’t give exceptions..Simple, but in a way reassuring. I know that my new place of living does the homework it needs for anyone entering the country.

We were shopping and sightseeing and entered the church in the main square of Usaquen. I lit a candle for my daughter immediately. I do this often in any church I see that is open to the public here in Colombia. I was raised as Catholic, but I identify as spiritual; that being  said I don’t want to identify as a  specific religion. I know there is a higher power. You need only go to my Facebook page Villa Migelita to see my many videos of hummingbirds coming to visit me, while I rescue them. I believe it is my daughter showing me she is with me still. I love that I get these signs! There is no other way to explain what happens.

I lit a candle in this small room off of the main church

The actual church was not open. I sat silent for a few minutes contemplating about Misha and where my life has taken me since her death. I think I have done well. I have a Bed and Breakfast hotel and I have peace. I have the knowledge of someone who believes in the Universe. I know there is another dimension. I don’t care who would  try to argue this point with me. Nor do I want to go into what your religion is.  I know. I have the signs.

Photo taken after I had lit candles for my daughter


The photo above was taken while looking at the street art in Bogota. I see the light in this photo and the beauty of the this light, can you? It was a wonderful end to my day when I went to look at the photos I took while visiting Bogota. It is surreal. It is mystical, it is full of a presence. I know my daughter was with me after lighting candles in the churches I visited.

I know Misha heard me talk to her that day as I visited these historical churches,including the famous mountain of Bogota, Monserrate.  She knew I needed this Visa to stay in Colombia. She helped me; I will admit I went through some sleepless nights, and told her about them in my prayers. I usually go to Florida to the embassy in Miami to get my Visa. This time I didn’t because it was for my residence. I learned a lot, enjoyed Bogotá, had a wonderful time and now have a year to apply and get my residence. I always say things happen for a reason and we must accept them. Even death. We  must show others that we can continue, despite the sadness we might endure. We need to be strong.  I am enjoying my life as an expat in Colombia.  The USA needs to stop this nonsense about immigrants ( I am an immigrant in Colombia) and start accepting other cultures. Enjoy and what you need to do to love your life. Stop reacting and start welcoming others to your country , even if they don’t speak your language perfectly, or they have to learn your culture. They want to live and start a new life like I have in Colombia. I believe it should be easy for anyone to live anywhere if they have proper documentation.

Bogota 069.JPG
Same tour of the Graffiti and me enjoying Bogota

We might never agree on everything,  but we can live peacefully wherever we are. Peace out…and love sent to all of the world.

Cheers or Salud!
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The Learning Curve

I have had a  little hummingbird rescue for a month now. I had no idea what I was doing when I first had him in my care. I had put a towel down in the cage. That is a big NO! He has the tiniest feet as you can see and they can get caught in a towel and can be ripped off. I contacted a wonderful page on Facebook called The Hummingbird Whisperer and was given great advice, except for one rehab specialist who said I had to put him down because of his bad wing. A major drama unfolded: especially since I am not in the United States. I looked for someone to put Grigio down and no one answered me. We have so many hummingbirds in Colombia all year round, no one cares about just one little guy.

I took in all of the advice I was given and did what the experts said (except for killing him). I removed the towel and put paper towels in his cage. I added smashed up insects to his sugar-water. That is not something I enjoy at all! But we have a lot of insects in the Rainforest and he is drinking his water full of mash-up and is getting plenty of protein which is the main staple of the hummingbird diet.

Lilliana 012
Grigio the very first day I rescued him.

Grigio  is doing very well, but he is still not free. I strive to let him go to fly with his friends. He has a wing that is damaged. I carry him everywhere in his little cage. He sometimes holds on to the sides of the cage like he is in prison, reminding me of movies where an inmate grips the bars in misery.

I have a parrot named Luci whom I rescued when she was about 2 months old. Parrots are so social and always in the middle of things going on around them. She has clipped wings but has free run of my farm. She climbs the rose bushes and enters the house. She follows the dogs everywhere, and she shows off for my tourists here at Villa Migelita. She is the mascot of birds here at my Bed and Breakfast!

Luci in the window 008
I see you

With Grigio it is different.  He is not a way for me to give entertainment on my page Villa Migelita. Luci is a rescue, but she lives a very happy life. I am not so sure with Grigio. Seriously, hummingbirds are not really social birds. Hummingbirds fight each other constantly, and none seem to have any bond with others. Perhaps he is fine in his cage with his personal feeder. I can’t tell except when he does that prison break-out move that really freaks me out! I can’t let him go, he cannot fly!

He has become a part of me. I know that is probably not the correct way to view things if you are an actual rehab specialist with birds, or for that matter any animal. I just identify with him so much. He is broken but trying to mend himself. I understand that. I am broken inside. I have been a cracked, collapsed, busted mess for years … ever since my daughter was murdered. I know about feeling imprisoned. I feel that almost everyday of my life. I struggle many days with sadness…but I make myself go out and walk, exercise, Yoga, write, read, study! You name it, I try to do it. So Grigio is a piece of me. His will to live is exactly like my will to live despite horrific life circumstances. So I say “You go Grigio, I have your back! You have a home in my Paradise here at Villa Migelita always”

Every night I put this special ‘gift’ to bed. He sleeps like we do…who knew? He goes to bed at 7 pm and I hear the little whir of his wings at 6 am. I always smile to myself. I wonder if he is a gift from beyond. He is certainly defying all odds. With that I say he is with me now, and I am letting him live each day in the moment. I do the same. I realize that is all we have in life, and so does Grigio.





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Signs from the Universe Surround Me

Signs, we all get them from our loved ones, but do we recognize them? My daughter Misha is very good at making sure I hear and see her messages. Most of her messages involve hummingbirds, but there are other signs that show up when I least expect them in different ways. I read so much on this subject after she was killed, because I know she woke me when she left this world. That early morning of her death, I was startled out of a deep sleep at what I have been told was an immediate death by trauma. I awoke at what is described as the real time of her passing. I actually had mental messages before she passed; but I was not enlightened then. I have changed so much in my thought process these past years. I realize life is a moment in time in a vast universe of unsolved mysteries. I am allowing myself to accept what happens regularly for what they are; signs from the Universe.

They have happened for a long time now, five years! They are what I like to refer to as our 6th sense, a sense not recognized by everyone but one I know exists. These signs are thought processes but also actual happenings that cannot be explained by anyone. I read so much after my daughter was killed, because of what occurred before and after her death. There is so much data by others who share similar experiences. This is a strange phenomenon that no one can explain but many share. We are a group of people who have had tragic loss, near death experiences, or have watched loved ones in their last hours before leaving this world talk to others that we do not see. My beloved mother lived with me the last years of her life and she slowly succumbed to dementia. She had a series of small strokes and she became disabled but was always sweet and loving. She knew who I was but she became isolated into a world of her own. Anyone who has dealt with dementia knows it is difficult to see our loved ones become different, strangers really. Someone you love with all your heart changing before your eyes. When my mother was finally in her last days, she had a two hour stretch when she was my Mom again. She talked with me, told me she loved me and said I had always been a good daughter to her. I felt so blessed to have that moment with her. Then she went back inside her own little world. I watched as she became agitated from talking to people she saw. She was so frail at the end laying in her room in a special hospital bed. She was talking so much and moving that bed with her body. There was a mark on the wall from the bed slamming into it. They were people she knew, she would smile, laugh and mumble. I could not make out her words but I knew she was being called home to be with my father and others who had left this world for a better place. This was was my very first experience into the unknown that many people deny exists. I was never sure what I thought about life after death, but my Mother taught me in her last days there is something else. Who knew four short years later my daughter Misha would be joining her?

When my mother and father had passed I never saw signs. This is not to say they were not around me, it just means I never realized it if they were. My signs from Misha were there even before she passed. A strange phenomena for sure. As I have said in past posts I did not realize or react to them at first. Then unexplained occurrences started happening. My life was a disaster when she died. I was going through a horrible divorce, my house was being foreclosed on because my ex stopped paying the mortgage, I had no idea where I would live and my son was being manipulated and controlled through parental alienation by my ex and his family. I kept trying, and I actually lived one day at a time because I had too. I would sit on my patio and wonder what I could do. I had my beloved animals and there was no way I would give them up. I really did live in the present at that time in my life.

Then I moved to Colombia which you can read about here. Colombia has brought many wonderful and miraculous gifts to me by way of spiritual messages. I have also suffered tragedy and heartbreak while living here. Life does not always give us what we search for but it does give us lessons we then process and use for strength. Last year on Christmas Eve I lost my special dog Taz, he was Misha’s pet. I mourned him like I grieved for her. I felt shut down and exhausted from so many terrible happenings. I came to Colombia to find my true self and pursue my dream of having a Bed and Breakfast. That was a time of sadness for me, one of such discouragement I felt I had made a mistake. I still was struggling with learning Spanish, had only made a few friends here and felt isolated and lonely. The holiday season was gone for me, and I felt it would never be the same. Then I did what I always do, I picked myself up and made the best of the situation I was in. I looked and looked for Taz. Then another unthinkable moment happened, then I felt I was losing every connection I had with Misha, that she was disappearing slowly from my life spiritually. I had an earring that I wore in my second pierced hole that was recovered from her body. I had a special backing on it and I never took it off. One day after looking for Taz on the motorcycle I came home and looked in the mirror and that earring was gone from my ear. I cried like I cried from her death. The New Year came and went, the trial of her killer was postponed for the third time, the blows kept coming. I decided to fly to Baton Rouge and publicize the lack of justice. While I was there I met with Misha’s best friend. She came to the hotel and the first words out of her mouth were “I found something and I want you to have it, I only found one and it was in my car” she then handed me one earring which I recognized immediately! It was the very first earring Misha wore after I had her ears pierced when she was seven! No one knew I had lost that earring, I never could bring myself to talk about it. Now I had a gift from Misha, using another person she loved so much, giving me back an earring for that ear. Gabby cried with disbelief when I told her the story of the other lost earring. The next day I went on TV and publicized the need for a trial for her death, and that earring is prominent in the news story. I wear it all the time and will never take it off.

Anyone who follows my page Villa Migelita on Facebook knows I am surrounded by hummingbirds, they also know these special creatures seek me out continually. I have them fly into my house on such a regular basis it has become normal to me. I now know they are my Spirit Totem and Misha’s way of communicating with me. I have no doubt of this. Last month after I learned that the murderer of my daughter was given a suspended sentence was devastating to me. You can read about it in my last blog here. Another major blow in my life, one I cannot understand nor process. However, Misha is doing her best to comfort me. She never left, I just was so caught up in my sadness that I was not allowing her messages to come to me. This time she was insistent. I have had so many visits by hummingbirds inside my house since this unjust sentence that I have to take notice. I know many of you saw the video of the hummingbird that would not leave, but this time she actually has sent me a hummingbird to care for. Yesterday my worker brought me a baby hummingbird he found in the street almost dead. He had cared for it overnight, then brought it to me first thing in the morning. I was amazed and a bit scared. I knew it was from Misha. What if I did not care for it properly? I read everything on the internet that I could. I do not have access to wildlife foundations here in the mountains. This baby was wet and weak, but I could tell not a super young hummingbird because it had all of its feathers. I knew Mama had fed it well, and I looked for something I could offer in protein that would give this sweet angel the proper nutrition. I read a post from a similar story as mine and the person had given their rescue hummingbird egg yolk. So I boiled just a bit of sugar with egg yolk and started feeding him every 30 minutes. He thrived, his feathers dried out, he started peeping and peeping. He started flying a bit, but I put him a cage because he could not support height and would fall to the ground. As the day went on, he grew more strong. He took his feedings with great energy. You can see a feeding here. As the night was coming on I knew I would be getting close to the last feeding and left him on my lap. Then the most miraculous thing happened. He started to elevate a bit from my lap and then land again. All the while his peeping was so strong. I let him do this. I knew he was getting stronger. He then just flew high and stayed in front of me and before I could blink my eyes he flew out the window to my lemon tree and landed perfectly. I went outside and stood under him. I knew if he could not fly he would take off and fall to the ground. I wanted him to have his freedom and I let nature take its course. He then flew up so high and out of no where his mother joined him, they were together. His mother was outside my house all day listening to his call! Together they flew to my pine tree and I could see them on a branch. The mother was right next to him. I cried tears of joy.

So you see this was another message from my daughter Misha. I believe she sent me the comfort of this special baby for a day to lift my spirits about the lack of justice in her murder. I also believe she wanted me to know someday we will fly off together again just like this baby did with his mother. I went to sleep thinking of the miracles around me. I will truly try to appreciate all moments of my life from this day forward. I will never have an experience that was so profound again. Wait, maybe I will, maybe it will be another miracle she will send me just like this one for the Christmas season. May God Bless her and the angel hummingbirds that never leave my side.