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Orion the Best Partner Ever

There is no one I want to be partners with more than my dogs, but Orion is just the best ally a person could ever have. He protects, loves and gives so much. He is a gentle giant that looks like a bad ass. He is the mascot of Villa Migelita. We have so many tourists, guests and family that visit. No one can leave without their requisite photo of Orion. He is just such a celebrity. Seriously. I think I could make an Instagram account of him just having fun, lying around, swimming, or with a cast on. Yes a cast, like for breaks. He has broken his front paw and his back leg femur. He is a delicate dog, even though he doesn’t look like he is. He is always hurting himself. I am always worrying about him.

If Orion had his way, he would just sleep all day and all night with a person lying on top of him, hugging him and cuddling him. He has no idea he is huge. Orion is an albino Dogo Argentino. He prefers a body to his dog beds…yes he has many dog beds because Orion is the king, el rey, of Villa Migelita

me and farm visitors 019
Me using Orion as a pillow

Orion has a job to do, and he knows it. At night he is a protector of my castle and he does it well. No one would dare enter my property with Orion guarding the palace. NO ONE. But, he has never been aggressive with a human, and I hope he never will have to be. However, he knows his position and every night when it is time for bed he goes to his dog room, yes he has his own room as in bedroom, and sleeps with one ear always perked up for any noise he is not familiar with.

Feliz y Ano 003
Love snuggles

So when you come to visit me at my Bed and Breakfast be prepared for big love from my big ole dog…and enjoy a very good night’s sleep while he watches over my lovely finca in the mountains of Colombia. He will always be available for a photo, a treat and a big doggy kiss. He is the most amazing dog, and he is a rescue I adopted. He is growing old way to fast, as time quickly moves on. I worry about him getting older and am already looking for a Dogo puppy. The tradition of Orion must live on.


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I have come to realize that spending time alone is my idea of perfection. Time doing what I want when I want to. Realizing I am comfortable without anyone talking, just listening to the sounds of nature that surround me. Reading, writing, studying, and accepting the simple life I have chosen as a very different alternative to my past life as a flight attendant, when I would be surrounded by over a thousand people a day when I worked domestic flights. Perfection to me is being alone and in harmony with myself.

Perfection is this photo of a simple home along a walk . A cat resting, a dog sleeping, and everything is so simple. The bamboo trees, the color of the house, the simple stables. The curtained window with the flower baskets hanging. Perfection.


Perfection is the beauty of the country with a river flowing, listening to the sounds of water rushing with my dogs next to my side. The rainforest sounds of birds and insects. Perfection.


Perfection is sharing part of my day with any of the horses or cows that greet me on my hikes. The life of a true minimalist. Perfection.


Perfection is quiet solitude when I study Spanish in the evening, or read a book that grips me immediately and I can’t put it down. While looking at the sunset, the mountains, and the home I have created here in Colombia. Perfection.Franchesca

Perfection is seeing many flowers blooming at once. Something I never enjoyed in Florida. Exotic flowers, flowers that I would see for sale in the store but never live on a real plant. Perfection.


Perfection is a hummingbird sitting on a branch while I do Yoga looking out at the mountains and watching them flit right next to me. Perfection.

Hummingbird video 003

Perfection is a perfect sunset as a rainstorm approaches. Perfection.rainstorm sunset

Perfection is a butterfly on a branch as I walk by. Perfection.Hike to Raul's hacienda 013

Perfection is living my life as I see fit, not caring if others approve or disapprove, living my adventure one day at a time. In peace and happiness with my animals on my beautiful farm in the mountains of Colombia. Perfection.

Hike horseback ride and friends trout place 025
The view from the top
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Rebuild the World by Stopping the Hate

My blog is about my life in Colombia plus some personal musings. I often share my thoughts on my personal problems but today I am sharing about the worst mass shooting in the history of the United States. I live in a country now as an expat that has rebuilt itself from a horrible and violent past. I have also rebuilt myself in a way, not as violent as Colombia used to be, but certainly a tragic past with so much sadness I cannot get out from under some days. My daughter’s death rests with me in my soul always. I take the death’s of others really personal now. This happens when you lose a child. Every person in that nightclub in Orlando was someone’s child, sister, brother, friend and they were massacred by a man able to gain access to an assault weapon without a problem. This is when I have to speak up. I know some think “oh she left the USA and is an expat without regard to her country” which cannot be further from the truth. I left because of personal reasons and have found a better life in my pursuit of happiness. With my new life, I see a way of living which gives me so much peace and contentment. I might never get over the loss of my daughter, but I live without fear and with a great sense of accomplishment.

Why is it possible to gain access to assault weapons in the United States? I would think after the massacre of little children that legislation would have changed immediately. It didn’t. It seems the USA has become desensitized to the lives of people killed in these mass shootings. I see so many political posts from each ‘side’ about how guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Let us examine this argument. 1. Guns are designed to kill, no other reason. Way back when the constitution was written, guns are for killing our enemies. So YES guns do kill people, especially when any person can obtain one. 2. Second amendment rights: Why have assault rifles? They belong in the hands of the military, the SWAT teams, the FBI, the police, but not ordinary human beings. I truly believe a gun in your home for defense is fine, but not an arsenal of ammunition and militia to hurt others. This has to be reformed and I hope the Gay community can do it! I have never seen a better group of people in my life. I know, I grew up with them. They are harassed and persecuted for their entire lives. They live with condemnation every single day from hate filled people. They are still nice and non-violent. I started working as a flight attendant at the age of twenty. I had no one telling me anyone was ‘bad’ nor ‘good’. I decided for myself, and always have. The gay community are my very great friends.  3. We have regulations for driving our cars, for insurance on our homes and cars, for drunk driving, for living in any land including Colombia which I go to the USA every year to renew my Visa. I am now able to obtain a residency. Why not for guns? What the heck? Make the people by insurance for them at least! Why give killing machines a free pass? 4. I have a right to live my life with my granddaughter when I visit to the USA without fear. I no longer feel that way and avoid places that are crowded; such as movie theaters, any high-profile place such as Disney in Orlando, or crowded venues of any sort. Why should I adapt my life around people who want to parade their guns in public? I certainly would hightail my ass right out of any business that allows someone to open carry a gun!

My last words and not because I am condemning a culture. But I live in a controlled country that got rid of violence. They got rid of it with the help of the USA. Why then is it possible to mass murder others the way it happens every damn day in the USA? I have no idea, because I live peacefully, without fear in a lovely and very loving country now. I wish everyone could put aside political correctness, religion, racism and more an examine why they think it is OK for a terror suspect to actually buy a gun legally, even after being investigated twice by the US government? Do you really want an assault weapon that much? That innocent lives are taken? Because you know, no one has come for your guns, and your guns are killing people!



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Pure Beauty, Pure Color, Pure Happiness

The word pure brings to mind so many images. They can be real, they can be bright, they can be simple, full of innocence, or just natural like the featured image of the water as the rain slowly falls over a lake with mountains in the background in Colombia

. A child smiling, a brightly colored street. Pure is a thought process that all of us delve into daily. We wish we could live a pure life, a life free of stress and silly annoyances. We wish we could see everything we take in on a daily basis in a way that shines brightly to our soul with divine beauty. Here are a few photos I love.