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A Path to Success for 2017

When I moved to Colombia in 2011 I never thought I would be enjoying the wonderful life I have today. Colombia has moved on, just like I have. Peace is on the horizon in Colombia. I have a life filled with peace and nature.

I will never say I am completely happy, I don’t believe it is possible. But I will say I am grateful. I am grateful I had the strength to go through 6 years of improvement. I have worked hard. I have turned my life around. I left a destructive and very dysfunctional life. I have found my niche in Colombia.

Be kind to yourself. Stop the mad dash for a Christmas present that will probably be put in a closet to be re-gifted. Christmas is for children, and they enjoy those wonderful presents. As for adults, isn’t it better spent enjoying the beauty that surrounds us? Whether it be family, nature, inspiration, happiness where you can grab it, friendships, animals, travel, anything that really moves you in your core. Embrace that, not material things. You can stop right now. Just be you. Enjoy those who you are blessed to have in your life. Nothing is ever perfect. I know that. But look around and make a list of all that fulfills you.

I live in a beautiful home in Colombia. I have the love of my animals. I have my business and wonderful guests who give me new perspectives on everything. They give me companionship, they give me laughter, they give me their thoughts on my Villa in Colombia, they teach me new recipes, they give me comfort and support, they give me a life filled with purpose. I have discovered all those years of working as a flight attendant has given me a lifetime of training to become the mistress of my own domain. But, I have learned to include other’s opinions. That is a path I embrace.

When you have a life of meaning you have it all. This is the best present  to yourself. I know that from my past. Life is too be lived in the now. If you can appreciate what this season really means, no matter your religion, your beliefs, you can find your path. If you can look around your home and see anything that makes you smile with fond remembrance, just one thing you are grateful for, you will be ahead of others who are rushing to buy a present that means nothing. Carve your own path to success in 2017. It might be a small path, but it is a beginning.

Stay strong, stay focused, stay determined and you will find your path to success. I have.



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My Place is Colombia

I know things can change if you want them to, at any age. I have reinvented myself.  I have found out I can do more than I ever expected  in my life by following my free will, my intuition. I have found a niche of personal peace here in Colombia. Life is a roller coaster ride of memories and experiences. It took 52 years of life for me to make my way to Colombia. In my own way I went on a pilgrimage of learning. Learning Spanish, learning a new culture, learning to be alone with myself and loving it, learning to navigate my life without approval from anyone. I am stronger. I am resilient. I challenge myself daily to do more, achieve more, to be kinder, more patient and more loving to others. To try to understand the other person’s point of view, to not judge anyone based on my past experiences, gossip, innuendo, to forgive and move on.  It takes courage to grow wiser.

What I have done with my life is called evolving. When life isn’t working for you, then you need to look at what needs to be done to make life work. Be brave, be spontaneous, be smart and be wise. Get rid of the ‘stuff’ in your life that is holding you back. That ‘stuff’ could be your house which is full of ‘more stuff’, people who you have no need to be connected with anymore, too many clothes and buying sprees, the need for attention, the need for personal possessions that are just more clutter in your life. Whatever it is that causes you personal pain, you need to let it go. I did. I have arrived into a place of personal security. Not one of wealth, but a place that brings me satisfaction. I will never be rid of my sadness from my daughter’s death. I will never say I am completely happy, but I will say I am at peace with my life as I live it.

Colombia has made my life as complete as it can be. I have started a business by ‘the seat of my pants’ as my deceased mother would say. I didn’t have a great plan worked out, but I have been successful. I have a purpose in life. When I get up in the morning I am occupied, I am busy, I am full of hope for what I can accomplish. That in itself is worthy.